DEplateJim Ring '63, working with the DMV, has created a Delaware USNA license plate - click on Sample for larger image. Jim is our coordinator and will assign NA#### numbers on a first come first serve basis based on postmark of application packages received at Jim's address below.

There is a one-time fee of $10 to obtain a plate - this plate cannot be used with another vanity plate logo. So those of you who already have your "USNA Class Year" plates may want to either trade them in for one of these with your class year on it or keep your vanity plate for one vehicle and get this NA plate for another. If you get this plate, then you must keep the base plate in the vehicle because you will get two date stickers - one for each plate.

Click on NA License Application to obtain application form.

If you are interested, print out and complete the application with "U. S. Naval Academy" as the organization, enclose a check made out to Delaware DMV, for $10 (the state requirement ), and mail to:
Jim Ring
19 Manor Dr.
Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971

For more info or questions, please contact Jim Ring at 703 201 4884 or